Dendezo Media Support (DMS) is founded with the aim of strengthening projects in the area of freedom of expression and access to information. DMS works with a vast network of financial, digital, logistical and creative partners and offers support through a range of activities across different sectors, including the following services:


Consultancy and coaching on (diaspora and exiled) media models, fundraising, organizational and NGO strategy, sensitive and inclusive leadership and communications. For individuals as well as groups. 


Interim management at any time during the project cycle or lifespan of an organization. I actively practice feminine leadership with a results-driven approach that promotes equality, sustainability and getting things done while taking care of the organization and its people.

Writing & Public Speaking

Research, analysis and any kind of writing. Speaking engagements: talks, moderation and presentation in English and Dutch. View some examples on my media page

Journalism and Human Rights Themed Projects

DMS can contribute to projects in the area of journalism, new media and human rights, especially those focused on closed states.