Dendezo Media Support

Dendezo Media Support (DMS) works with a vast network of financial, digital, logistical and creative partners, offering tailored support in the field of journalism, media development and human rights, in particular for closed societies with little press freedom. DMS offers consultancy and coaching on:

  • (diaspora and exiled) media models
  • donor and grants management
  • fundraising
  • NGO management and leadership
  • project evaluations
  • journalism and communications

Rieneke can be booked for speaking engagements including talks and moderation in English and Dutch regarding journalism, press freedom and feminine leadership. View samples on the media page

Dendezo Productions

Dendezo Productions focuses on feature and short form human rights documentary film. Please get in touch to learn more about our film projects and how we can collaborate.

What Clients Say..

At Dendezo we’ve had the pleasure to work with partners and clients including: Internews; European Endowment for Democracy; Free Press Unlimited; US Department of State; Hivos; Meydan/Romb T.V; The Hague University and others. Below are some of their testimonials. Due to the sensitivity of their work and locations, no names are included.