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Links to some of my published articles:

Lessons from Rwanda, Why Journalism Matters

It was early spring 2008 when I first encountered the beauty and complexities of the country of the thousand hills.. Read article

Connecting to the Field: the Case of the Girl with the Blue Hair

There is a city in Southern Iran close to the Iraqi border called Ahvaz. That city is close to the ancient city of Shush.. Read article

Who is the Boss of the News?

It is safe to say that there has been some commotion in the Iranian diaspora media scene over the past years.. Read article

Protests in Iran: the Revolt of the Peripheries

Since the first large protest erupted in Mashad, Iran more than a week ago it is safe to say that it is unlikely this fire will die soon.. Read article

Onderhandel niet over EU-lidmaatschap Turkije

Turkije heeft de persvrijheid zo sterk aangetast dat het EU-lidmaatschap ondenkbaar zou moeten zijn.. Read article

The Day Iranian Men Wear Mini-Skirts

I bet that every single woman reading this piece, and I’m sure some men as well, have plenty of moments where they felt sexually intimidated, humiliated or harassed. Ms. Sheena Shirani, former TV anchor.. Read article