There is an abundance of modern technology available that is designed to connect us, to communicate and to tell stories. Yet, not everywhere in the world is this technology freely and securely accessible or can all stories be shared without danger. This is where Dendezo Media Support can come in and help. 

My 12+ years of experience working in this field have taught me that strong storytelling is what moves people. Good writing, speaking and creating lasting connections can be incredibly impactful, whether this is in fundraising, selling an idea, raising awareness or in organizational management. 

Through my position as the Executive Director of an exiled media NGO, I was able to find my own leadership style and I have learned how to manage the responsibilities that come with this task. Having an educational background, I enjoy helping other groups professionalize and share strategic do’s and don’ts. 

I have become an expert on Iran, as well as, on operating an independent multi-media platform and participatory journalism, within an extremely closed environment of sophisticated censorship and security challenges. 

Working under these constraints led me to discover that the belief in freedom of expression and the power of the irreplaceable work journalists and technologists bring to the world are an inexhaustible driving force for creativity and change. 

I eagerly wish to strengthen voices and improve human rights worldwide. Get in touch with me and I will help you tell the stories of the world, however remote or challenging the environment may be!